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LPRS4000 High-end License Plate Recognition Machine

· All-in-One structure with streamlined lines design,
and it is convenient for installation and connection.
· Especially suitable for high-end places, such as: Airport, High hotel.
· Elegant appearance, Standard: Bright silver color,
Optional: Traffic yellow color


License Plate Recognition Specifications
Recognition Accuracy Day≥ 99.9%; Night≥ 99.7%
Recognition Time ≤200ms (average time)
Recognition Distance 2-10meters (recommend distance is 3.5-4m)
Adaptable Speed of Car ≤15km/h
Output Information License plate number, License plate picture, Access time
Packaging Size 1746mm*344m*495mm
Camera Parameter
CPU A7@600 MHz, 32 KB I-cache, 32 KB D-cache/128 KB
RAM DDR3, 256M
Image Sensor 1/2.8’’ SONY 290 COMS
Lens 2MP, 3.2mm -11.1mm, Auto focus
Resolution 1920×1080P


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