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We provide supply services for all items and components of security systems. Where it is possible to agree on any number and quantity at the best price offer in the market, while adhering to the specified dates, and it may include, according to the customer’s desire, an item for implicit or separate installations.


Our workforce is well-trained, specialized and experienced. Which makes us the best with the testimony of all our customers. Extreme craftsmanship is the key to success in installation work, which protects the customer from breakdown problems and gives the highest efficiency available for the products used.

After-sales services

The contract with us does not end once the installation work is completed. After-sales service is provided for all products and an extended warranty is available depending on the type of product. Maintenance work also has free visits after completion.

We provide integrated security systems

Surveillance Cameras

Where we have internal, external, fixed and mobile surveillance cameras with excellent clarity from 1 to 8 megapixels with night vision, as well as IP network cameras and digital cameras

The importance of surveillance cameras has increased over the last ten years to a large extent, the number of users of surveillance systems is increasing and the question is what are the benefits of the system! The benefit of the system lies in protecting assets and property and providing a sense of security and safety at home, work or any location effectively. In addition, it is an effective means of control and management at work. And it is not only a way to detect crime and criminals and intimidate them

Time &Attendance devices

Where we have fingerprint devices of all kinds, whether by smart card, fingerprint or face print, to record the attendance and departure of employees and evaluate their performance

Fingerprint attendance system: It is a system for tracking attendance and departure times, working days, absences, and vacations for employees, which are recorded by the employee by or through the fingerprint system, and hand, face, and eye prints are used, or cards of all types are available with us.

Very easy to install and use.
No previous skill needed.
Very secure.
Accurate recording of details.
It saves a lot of time when getting attendance entry, compared to the old ways.
It prevents misuse of access gains by employees and prevents early/late use.
It can be easily integrated into the payroll and billing system.
Saves preparation time, thus saving all data for time management and recording.

Point of sale systems

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are essential for quickly running invoice items into point-of-sale machines. But they also need to link up with other parts like a thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner

If your activity is (shoe stores – clothing stores – electrical appliances and tools stores – optics and eyeglasses stores – perfume and cosmetic stores “make-up” – paint stores, etc., then you need a system to manage your commercial activity, especially you need a POS system

It’s easy to categorize your products according to your business.

Easy to create barcodes for each item.

Integrated management of stores and safes.

Ease of payment according to the different payment methods for your customers.

Ease of dealing with devices (printers – barcode readers – trays – scales).

Issues reports on the sales movement of the items, the most sold and the profitability of the items.

– Facilitates inventory operations by barcode.

Management of all parts of the activity (sales – purchases – safes – stores – accounts).


Acess control

Access control systems (electronic door control) provide distinction between authorized and unauthorized persons and vehicles. Accordingly, a high level of security is implemented to protect facilities and private property. Access control systems can also be customized when designed to meet all security requirements. Access control has many advantages, including

Controlling the electronic locks of all kinds of doors and identifying the people and vehicles authorized to pass through these doors. The system also records all the movements of people and vehicles inside the facility from their first entry until their exit and records their movements through all the internal doors.

Metal Detection gates

Security gates

  • Individual gates are an important type of security gates that are used in many places, such as malls, airports, hotels, places of worship, government and private agencies, metro stations and trains.
  • The electronic gates of cars are opened automatically as soon as the cars authorized to pass approach by reading the vehicle data remotely or by using smart cards, fingerprints, passwords, or by using remote controls.

Plastic card and barcode printers

  • Using a plastic card printer and employee card printing software can simplify the process of identifying and maintaining new employees or members in your systems. Also, employee cards are not limited to companies only; The use of plastic cards can easily be extended to education, schools, universities, government, customer loyalty cards, transit tickets and much more.
  • Barcode printers that are used in printing operations in stores, stores and warehouses. The printer works with fast and effective thermal printing technology, supports printing in both Arabic and English, and is compatible with all modern operating systems and is compatible with all programs used in this field.

Data Collector

Automated Inventory Devices Get rid of the inventory of warehouses or stores manually using papers with its difficulties and errors
There is no need for there to be a full alert of all your employees to take inventory of your stored items.
The good news here is that the automatic inventory devices provide great ease in the inventory process

QMS (Queue Managment system

The queuing system is used to organize queues and queues. It is a system consisting of devices and tools that help arrange customers, facilitate their flow, organize waiting time for customers, reduce waiting time and service time, which helps customer satisfaction and increase revenues and profits. The queue system is used in many places such as banks, hospitals, schools, universities and government places.

Electronic bells Intercom


Electronic scales

Scales are one of the most popular things currently in the market, as they are used in many homes, shops, and electrical appliances stores, and many types are available at different prices from each other.

Money counting machine

Money can be counted types and uses
The money counting machine has become the indispensable method for everyone who deals in cash currencies, so manual counting is no longer possible in the presence of the money counting machine that saves time and effort, but also accuracy, and there are many types of money counting machines that are suitable for every user, there is only one and another It counts and detects forgery, and the most advanced currency counting and sorting machine, which counts and sorts many different currencies, and even knows the value of the amounts without any interference, with accuracy and high speed.

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