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Arm drop turnstile barrier

Tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective entry solutions designed for smooth and silent operation, reduced wear and low energy consumption, and are suitable for areas where there is a high flow of people.

Availability of TS2133 series

Well designed stainless steel double legged case, ideal for locations where large flows of people are



Power supply AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Operating temperature -28°C – 60°C
Operating Humidity 5%-85%
Work environment: indoor / outdoor (shelter)
The rated power is 60 watts
The flow rate is 25-48 passages/min
Casework material SUS304
Diagram indication: Yes
The input of the control system is controlled by dry contact
Emergency button input Yes
Dimensions 111 x 133 x 18 (cm) + arm length 50 cm
Package Dimensions 120 x 108 x 28 (cm)
Net weight 51 kg
The total weight in the package is 59 kg
An alternate material or form for the elective job
Third-party access control integration
Ticket system integration
Traffic counter


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