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Datalogic QW2420-BKK1S Barcode Reader

The QW2400 2D Area Imager is an entry-level scanner specifically designed to read long, truncated 1D codes and larger 2D codes at close range. The QW2400 imager features an ultra-wide field of view (FOV) that captures these difficult 1D and 2D codes at a nominal distance using various scanning angles, meeting the scanning needs of retail, light manufacturing, document/bill processing, and banking/financial services. The 2D imager is the most affordable area imager with best-in-class performance.


Wide scanning angle and field of view (FOV)
• Blue crosshair on white light
• “Green Spot” technology from Datalogic
For comments well read
• Two interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge /
• Excellent bar code reading performance
displayed on mobile devices
• Built with over-molded rubber for protection
Photograph when it falls
• Compact and multi-position stand
• Water and particle seal rating: IP42
• Drop resistance up to 1.5 meters / 5.0 feet
• Uses the same cables and power supplies
Existing QuickScan products
• Supported USB combos available
• Remote host download reduces service costs
It improves operations and is available for
All items
• EASEOFCARE service plans offer a wide range
of service options to protect your investment,
Ensure maximum productivity and return on investment


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