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U650-C time and attendance device

Extreme accuracy in controlling attendance and leaving
Simple color display, handy for all menus
Scanner (fingerprint reader) is scratch-resistant and infection-resistant
Internal memory keeps 100,000 entry/exit operations
More than one fingerprint can be registered for an employee
Issuing an audio and optical message stating that the fingerprint has been accepted
The device supports several languages, including Arabic and English
Internal memory to retain data in the event of a power outage
Add one or more administrators with different powers
Work in changing climate conditions from 0:45°C

Capacity and methods of use: –
• Fingerprint capacity of 3000 fingerprints
• The password capacity of 10,000 employees
• The card has a capacity of 10,000 cards
Ways to connect to the program and transfer data: –
• Direct communication between the fingerprint device and the computer
• Communication via the local local computer network
• Transfer data from the device via flash
• Possibility of connecting devices via the Internet


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